Light Up 7 recognised by The Bizz Awards, Trusted Malaysia and Des Prix Infinitus Media Leadership Excellence Awards

Jun 10, 2021

For most agencies, awards signify not only a deserved recognition for their hard work and successes, but also a reassurance to clients (new and old) that they will be working with an agency that has provided effective results.

And Light Up 7 is no stranger to being the recipient of said awards. As 2021 slowly crawls into the mid-way point, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been recognised for several awards for our leadership skills, quality of work and overall excellence within the advertising industry.

Recently, we’ve been awarded The Bizz Award for The Business Excellence Certificate, given to both the agency as a whole, and to our Chief Executive Officer, Usaid Ghassan. This is a mark of recognition to Light Up 7’s efforts as a leading business that contributes meaningfully to the daily growth of the local and world economy.

The Bizz Awards was started in 2004 in Houston, Texas with a mission to promote worldwide business development by boosting and recognising the growth of leading businesses and their people in every country. To date, The Bizz Awards has approximately 3,500 members, representing over 130 countries. A number Light Up 7 is proud to count itself amongst.

Trusted Malaysia covets itself as a source to help people find the best services and products in Malaysia, never settling for second best. These recommendations are heavily researched and considered before they’re added to their listings. With a range from different products and services available in Malaysia, this also includes recognising the services provided by advertising agencies.

We’re proud to have made the cut with Trusted Malaysia’s list for the Best Advertising Agencies in Malaysia, with lauded testimonials from our clients boasting about the quality of our work and the results of our expertise. Notably, what’s drawn to attention on the listing for Light Up 7 is our experience serving various distinguished clients over the years and creating gold-standard digital experiences that drive substantial revenue and growth.

On the other hand, we’ve also been recognised by the Des Prix Infinitus Media Leadership Excellence Awards which recognises outstanding leaders and achievements across the Malaysia National Key Economic Areas (or NKEA for short). 

That is to say, recognising leaders and innovators of their respective industries and celebrating their achievements. Needless to say we’re proud to have our leadership team hailed as winners on that front.