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Engineering a cutting-edge product launch video

Amantronic is a Malaysian company that specializes in construction projects and supply of specialized equipment for railways, not just in Malaysia but also other parts of Asia Pacific.

They wanted Light Up 7 to create a video that can effectively promote their new product – a railway lubrication system meant to reduce the friction between the track and the wheel when a train takes a sharp turn.

We used all our skills and technological arsenal to produce the required result. The starting point was the shooting of a video showcasing their product and its effects at their center. Along with this, we had to use drone technology to shoot actual trains as well as rely on animation to show how this product would impact these trains.

Using VFX and CGI, we created a video that gave a realistic and easy-to-comprehend demonstration of the way this product would work. The video was a success and prompted them to entrust us with the responsibility of developing a rebranded website.

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Video Production VFX & CGI