Boosting the success of 7-Eleven, Malaysia’s favourite convenience store

May 12, 2022

Slurpees, croffles, sandwiches and more, see how Light Up 7 helped elevate 7-Eleven’s standing on social media.

When one thinks of convenience stores, it’s not hard for Malaysians to conjure up the image of 7-Eleven, with their world-renown Slurpee drinks and awesome selection of snacks galore. After work or after school, a trip to 7-Eleven is often embedded in Malaysians as a place to get their favourite snacks or treats.

But with such an endearing reputation, how does one go about reaching even more people, and enticing them to visit their nearest 7-Eleven store? After all, we’re not always buying snacks everyday (and if you are, no judgments here!). Light Up 7 was tasked with this very challenge, and we accomplished our ongoing goal by creating a captivating, engaging campaign to not only attract new customers to 7-Eleven… but also retaining loyal fans too. Read on to find out how we did it!

7-Eleven began answering the calls of its customers by offering more variety not only in terms of products on the shelves, but also fresh food options. Sandwiches, ready-to-eat meals and even more. Plus the introduction of 7Café welcomes a new barista experience available at select branches that offers fresh coffee, hot snacks and more. No more asking questions about where to get food next, we’re fans of the croffle hands down!

But in order to make customers aware of what’s available and where, we had to create a social media campaign that would not only captivate our audience, but also convince them of the delicious new offerings.

Our team’s hard work had paid off with over 1.5 million Instagram Reel plays, together with the collaboration of KOLs like Ceddy to help promote new menus and offers. This gained 66,754 reach on Facebook and Instagram, as well as 1,728,556 reach on TikTok. All to get customers excited for new offers from 7-Eleven! But that’s not all…

Not only did the team create engaging posts that capture attention (and inspire a few hungry folks to try the new snacks), but we’ve also created live and engaging events to help garner brand love with the audience.

We created a Live Pictionary game featuring new products available at 7Café to get customers excited and familiar with the new menu. Winners stood a chance to win attractive prizes that could be redeemed through the My7E App, which would prompt customers to keep returning to the store and collect more rewards.

Needless to say, with over 12,568 comments and 9,470 views the live event was a resounding success for organic content.

7-Eleven’s campaign not only far exceeded expectations, but also gained a loyal following who are always on the lookout for new products and offers. Light Up 7 is excited to have worked with such a household name in Malaysian society, and to be able to garner such success.

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