Getting Malaysia to become a #VaksinNation with UNICEF

Mar 15, 2022

How we helped UNICEF reach their young audience about the importance of vaccinations and immunity through an engaging and informative campaign.

During the pandemic, one would be hard pressed to find news that didn’t have something to do with the COVID-19 virus. Thinkpieces, informational articles, memes, you name it, there had been content for it. But so much of what was written at the time had been directed to adults, parents and educators… but what about the kids and the youth?

Light Up 7 was tasked with creating a compelling and engaging campaign that would attract these internet savvy youngins not only to encourage vaccination sign-ups (for both themselves and their family members), but also to share correct and verified information, mythbusters and even engaging content that’s shareable and relatable.

So how did we do it?

To start off, we did a lot of research into what the youth were most concerned about when it came to the COVID-19 issue. Those who could get vaccinated were loud and proud about receiving their jabs, but many school-aged youths still had to rely on the adults around them for immunity and protection… and vaccine-hesitant family members made it difficult for them. Tangentially, topics like mental health and socialization also were top priority for these concerned youths.

So Light Up 7’s team got to work and began working on a content plan that helped address these different issues, including content in the Kelantanese dialect, to help reach audiences there, as at the time, it faced some of the highest numbers in the country.

The result of that research? 22,920,249 impressions and with a reach of 14,227,836. Nothing to sneeze at, for sure. 

Not only were niche audiences successfully targeted and engaged with, but the nature of our content also led to serious kudos: the Malaysian Director-General of Health, Noor Hisham Abdullah, liked one of our KOL postings during the campaign, lending credibility and recognition to the campaign. 

But we’re measuring more than just simple likes. The campaign also addressed difficult topics such as trending myths (and getting certified medical officers to bust those very myths during live Q&A sessions), even touching on the topic of vaccine hesitancy.

All of this was brought to life via animations, interactive engagement stickers, polls, IG Live sessions and more, with the highest engagement rate hitting 5.98%! Quizzes and brain teasers were also employed to educate and remind our audience about the importance of getting vaccinated and keeping safe, which was met with over 6,000 responses.

Not only that, but blog articles were also written in order to make the most of search engine optimization, as well as housing more educational longer-form articles that contained more information pertaining to the COVID-19 situation at time. These articles were remarketed later on as new developments became available, such as the eventual return to campuses for school-going children as well as university students.

All in all, these articles garnered around 14,510 page views over the duration of the campaign.

The numbers have it. The #VaksinNation campaign not only garnered numbers and engagement far beyond what was initially anticipated, but also helped an important cause for youths in Malaysia by giving them a voice and a platform to express their feelings. Light Up 7 is proud to have been able to provide our services in such a capacity, and to such astounding success too!

If you’re looking for similar results for your next campaign, look no further than Light Up 7’s full suite of marketing solutions! Drop us a line and let’s get down to business.