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Launching a groundbreaking seamless electronic parking app in the Malaysian markets

With the growing traffic on the streets of Malaysia, the problem of parking has also become more daunting. This prompted GoDell, a leading parking operator in the country, to create a solution that would be innovative and convenient.

That solution was the creation of an app – called Parkbyphone – that would allow customers to park their cars without having to physically go to the coin machine for making payments.

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GoDell entrusted us with the responsibility of developing an attractive brand around this idea and also producing the collaterals needed for turning it into reality. Creation of a website and an app was the main task but equally important was the production of a real-life video that emphasizes the value of the app.

We followed a simple but effective approach in the design of collaterals. It was of prioritizing user-friendliness and keeping everything very simple. Our copywriting was centered around the idea of striking a chord with the average car user.


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