Branding, Website, Video Production


In the busy city of Kuala Lumpur, parking can frequently come with dilemmas and difficulties. GoDell Parking Sdn Bhd took on Parkbyphone, an app to
utilise the best of technology to ease parking experiences. Before launching the app, Light Up 7 established a role in the the client’s branding, copywriting, event management, and production of motion graphic and life videos.
In addition, we were in control of the front end of the Parkbyphone app
and website (www.parkbyphone.my).

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Website & App Development

Content Management


Creative Direction/Challenge

The main challenge was to come up with the logo and other branding materials as well as to showcase on the how’s to utilise the app in the local market.

Execution/Technical Aspect

We came up with a clean logo design which was easy to the eyes. The content was formulated to make sure it was a clear step by step showcase on how to use the app and to illustrate that we did a an advertising video as well as a step by step user guide for the app.