HR & Operations Executive

We are seeking an empathetic and detail-oriented Human Resource (HR) & Operations Executive to assist with our day-to-day human resource and operational procedures. You will be reporting to the HR & Operations Manager, and you will gain experience in cross-functional teams of Human Resource, Operations, Administrations and even in Procurement.

You will be managing our internal HR systems, covering the end-to-end recruitment process, reviewing and implementing new company policies, as well as supporting our day-to-day office operations and ensuring everyone and everybody in the office are doing well and constantly updating the manager on any potential issues.


  • Organize, compile, update company personnel records and documentation
  • Manage and update HR databases with different information such as new hires, terminations, sick leaves, warnings, and days off 
  • Keeping track of each employee’s AL that is taken
  • Prepare, manage and store paperwork for HR policies and procedures
  • Regularly meet with employees to discuss any problems or concerns they may have;
  • Help organize and manage new employee orientation, on-boarding, and training programs
  • Be able to solve disputes or issues amongst employees
  • Being able to carry out conversations with the employee when there is a dispute or to find out the reason of non-performance
  • Taking care of employee’s well-being in the company and monitoring their progress
  • Maintaining the company culture, ensuring it stays positive and productive
  • Plan HR initiatives to encourage employees to grow and be more productive;
  • Work with the Management team to develop hiring strategies;
  • Lead all recruitment and training activities for new employees;
    • Source candidates through job portals, professional affiliations, and act as the company representative at career fairs and hiring events;
    • Conduct interviews, skills assessments, and evaluation of candidates;
    • Build and maintain a candidate database through identifying and developing internal and external working relationships;
    • Identity recruiting trends and challenges;
    • Continually educate employees on company policies and keep employee handbook current;
  • Foster cross-functional relationships and ensure managers and employees are well connected;
    • Promote a positive and open work environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about issues;
  • Administer or change benefits, health plans, etc.;
  • Understand and adhere to all up-to-date and pertinent labour laws;
  • Organise company events and annual retreat with the management team  

Operations Duties:

  • Review and streamline internal processes
  • Manage day-to-day operations, including Covid-19 related measures and working arrangements
  • Provide project co-ordination & administrative support including meeting preparation, scheduling & status reports, documentation;
  • Deliver documents to clients
  • Purchasing items for the office
  • Assisting the managers or HOD in any tasks being assigned
  • Greeting clients / anyone who walks in the office
  • Ensure cleanliness of the office
  • Scheduling and coordinate calendar activities and keeping track of Manager’s calendar meetings and activities and reminding them
  • Starting virtual meetings set up by the company
  • Answering phone calls and understanding the nature of the business and being able to communicate it over the call
  • Assisting in the Procurement process
  • Assisting in staff claims and any company claims
  • Any other ad hoc tasks

HR Administrative Assistant Job Requirements:

  • Possessed critical thinking skills
  • Have at least a degree in Human Resource, Management, Business Admin, Psychology or Psychological Science
  • Previous working experience as an HR administrative assistant or a similar role for at least 1-2 years
  • Ability to effectively use computer software including Gmail, Word, Excel and any HR software
  • Have knowledge about the labour laws (preferable)
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Act as a reliable and supportive team member
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Have a can do attitude

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary plus benefits.

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