KWAP Inspire: Envrionmental Conference 2018

Malaysia’s biggest pension fund, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan)(“KWAP”) turned to Light Up 7 to drive its promotional campaign for KWAP Inspire: Environmental Conference 2018. An event focused on promoting environment-friendly practices across the private and public business sectors.

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Through the marketing campaign Light Up 7 was able to attract tens of thousands of people to the KWAP Inspire website which helped increase the ticket sales for the event. This was done through the use of digital marketing and traditional marketing techniques.

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Simultaneously, KWAP tasked Light Up 7 to develop their very own custom made App for the event, an App that allowed delegates to receive all the necessary information from the event as well as the ability to network with other delegates in a very seamless fashion and take attendance using the QR codes generated for each attendee. This App is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Tilting the balance in favour of our planet.

Tasked with coming up with a creative concept, Light Up 7 proposed several concepts of which the hourglass concept was chosen. The concept revolved around the idea that time is ticking for our planet and that if nothing is done, the planet will head further and further into destruction.


Awareness and Action for a Noble Cause

The success of the campaign allowed hundreds of high level delegates from some of the biggest corporations in Malaysia to attend the event to discuss a very important topic on how their industries can help protect the environment from further degradation. Our goal was to engage delegates through awareness campaigns using both video and image creatives.


Marketing for Success

With the increased interest in the environment, such as the Paris Agreement, we were able to harness the power of social media and digital marketing to deliver strategically targeted ads. We used location, audience, and behavioral-based targeting to create broad awareness among a consumer group with high levels of intent.

We also ran traditional advertising ads on the most popular newspapers in Malaysia, such as The Star and The Edge. This all resulted in a campaign that was able to drive traffic and online ticket sales, resulting in significant ROI and a full house event!

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