Lifting up warung panas operators with a heartfelt drama full of love and laughter.

May 1, 2022

In the wake of closures and ever-changing SOPs, how does Knorr reach out to warung operators? With drama, of course. 

Who doesn’t love a good drama? The emotional highs and lows, the lovable cast of characters, the sweet storylines… we could go on. And when we got this brief, the team was thrilled to work on a dramatic production, for the good of small-time business owners.

Knorr’s suite of products and solutions are found in practically every professional kitchen, from Michelin star establishments down to the humble roadside warung. And it was the latter that Unilever Food Solutions was targeting in their newest Ramandan/Raya campaign.

Focused on the small Malay-owned business market, the team at Light Up 7 was tasked with creating a short film that resonated with the selected audience, all with the trappings of a charming TV3-worthy drama. 

The story follows the titular character, Kak Norr, as she shows us through the ups and downs of being a warung operator (with her successes all thanks to Knorr and Unilever Food Solutions serving faithfully in her kitchen). From starting off as a young woman, to growing into a seasoned operator, we get to see all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into running a restaurant, with some laughter in between as well.

The goal was simple: to create a story that would not only resonate with audiences, but also lend a subtle shout-out to what Unilever Food Solutions could provide, especially in times of crises (like the unprecedented yet still very much ongoing COVID-19 pandemic). It’s more than just the products used in the kitchen, promising savings on time and prep-work, but also a feeling of community, and a network of solutions ready to lend a helping hand. Light Up 7 was tasked to include these different selling points within the video in an authentic and engaging way, without making it seem too hardsell.

From scriptwriting, storyboarding, talent sourcing and actual production work (including VFX and editing), Light Up 7’s team were all hands on deck to make this story a fun reality.

But it’s all well and good to talk about the intention behind the video. What do the numbers say? A whopping 124,000 views (at the time of writing) in only a matter of hours. No doubt a heartening experience for those who have gone through similar experiences as the character Kak Norr did as well.

The film was such a hit for the client that the campaign collaterals were then changed to include the character and elements of the story. That’s the power of a compelling tale!

Don’t believe us? Watch the video for yourself.

Overall, not only was Unilever Food Solutions happy with the overall production of the campaign, but so was Light Up 7. We’ll admit, we had a ton of fun on this one, and we’re glad to see the hard work pay off!

Got a fun video production you’d like for us to tackle? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, and we’ll craft a story for you in no time!