Light Up 7 Delivers Cutting-Edge Virtual Events for the Malaysian Market

Nov 2, 2020

How do we approach the management of not one, but two grand-scale flagship events during a time when people can’t be physically present for the attractions?

This was the question Securities Commission Malaysia was determined to tackle for SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 and InvestSmart® Fest 2020, and they awarded the opportunity to Light Up 7 Sdn Bhd to do it. A full-service digital agency that has reputable clients like Bank Negara Malaysia, PETRONAS, and Tabung Haji already under their belt, Light Up 7 immediately recognised the overarching requirements for the success of both virtual events. Namely, two things – a powerful data-driven digital marketing campaign that drove huge attendance paired with an engagement activity plan to keep participants involved throughout the whole event. In the case of real-time event engagement, visualisation influence and gamification came into play. Light Up 7 looked at SC’s past physical events that drew in participants and strategized that in turbulent times, a streak of familiarity would be welcome in the midst of newness. Hence the structure of the event platform that imitated a physical event, from the virtual Rooms right down to the clockwork live announcements. The virtual Lobby of InvestSmart® Fest 2020 was given a motion 3D feel to enhance the sense of attending an official event; banners hung from the ceiling and a Reception Desk stood in the centre of the page to answer questions. In terms of being the main attraction, the virtual Conference hall was designed to be inviting but not distracting – the static visuals of a crowded hall did not interfere with the centrepiece video player that streamed each session. The personalised chat function for every participant not only delivered announcements on the sessions and contests, but also connected them to Exhibitors. Event Exhibitors were each given their own Exhibition Booth, with interactive features such as introductory videos and clickable “bunting banners”, brochures, and other creative informative formats. Participants were able to chat, request video calls, schedule meetups and download resources at each booth, skyrocketing engagement rates with Exhibitors. In order to keep people tuned in and drawn to the sessions, the engagement strategy involved several facets: mobile accessibility, interactive session Q&As, and session-focused contests. InvestSmart® Fest 2020 conducted a Pop Quiz at the end of every main session and hosted a Lucky Draw on all three event days, sealing interest among many potential participants. For SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020, participation rose exponentially because the event was made mobile-responsive. AI-driven networking was another factor, to tie in conveniently with the subject matter being discussed in sessions. Pre-event, both SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 and InvestSmart® Fest 2020 had well-tailored and distinctly different digital marketing campaigns that steadily built anticipation to each event. Both utilised Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Billboards, and SMS marketing, while InvestSmart® Fest 2020 also streamed on YouTube. The content crafted for SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 was polished yet current, and led to a massive response from both local and international circles with an over 20% clickthrough rate and overall garnering of 10.4 million impressions on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads and over 7000 registrations in total. SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 Promo Video InvestSmart® Fest 2020 utilised stylised and lighthearted design and carefully curated investment-related content – not only gaining massive engagement via more than 6 million impressions, but also hitting over 9,000 registered participants. InvestSmart® Fest 2020 Promo Video Besides event platform designing and digital marketing, Light Up 7 provided many services vital to the digital campaigns – from resource management and communications, to web development, to event live streaming and technical support. SCxSC Fintech Conference 2020 required professional liaison of both regional and international speakers, and on-site technical production that included live recording of esteemed speakers. Both events had been fully tracked in the areas of participant attendance, exhibitor engagement, and gamification participation (Lucky Draw, Pop Quiz, Q&A). Suffice to say, Securities Commission Malaysia was more than satisfied with the management of both much-anticipated events, and Light Up 7 had ensured a high ROI in both cases. With the intent to continue serving Malaysian projects during this difficult time, Light Up 7 will not be dimming anytime soon. If you find yourself asking how to best conduct any upcoming virtual event, be sure to contact Light Up 7 here.