Light Up 7 Kick-Starts Economical Changes Together with Bank Negara  Malaysia

Aug 16, 2023

Taking part in structural reform, one step at a time.

We recently had the privilege to work alongside Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) during the Sasana Symposium 2023 (SS2023), which was held at the esteemed Sasana Kijang. SS2023 was a one-day event, held to advocate insightful conversations in addressing key issues and structural reforms that are necessary for Malaysia’s economy to continue thriving.

To start things off, SS2023 was a closed event which meant that it was on an invite-only basis. In order to keep things in check and ensure the attendees have a smooth start to their day, we took the liberty to create our own registration system. All the attendees had to do was scan their individual QR codes and they’ll receive a goodie bag prepared by BNM. Upon check-in, the team also ensured the attendees had registered for the correct panel sessions as well. Thanks to the efficiency of the system and the registration team, we received a total of 850 attendees on that day, which was well above our expectations! (Kudos to the team!)

Since SS2023 was an event attended by stakeholders and key personnel from various industries, a good impression needed to be made. Our creative design team took this as a challenge and curated event collaterals reflecting BNM’s brand image as well as the event’s goals. (Good job team!)

Last but not least, an honorable mention goes to none other than our video production team. SS2023 had a total of seven-panel sessions about economics, finance, and structural policy. In each panel session, our video team worked hand in hand with the on-ground staff to ensure the video feed was smooth and in sync with the discussion led by the speakers. As a result, the attendees were able to have an immersive and engaging experience, giving way for key ideas to form.

At the end of the day, it is safe to say that the SS2023 event was a complete success as there were many smiles all around on the attendees’ faces as they exited the halls. With this event opening many fruitful discussions, we hope that this would bring about better changes to our country’s economy.   

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