Aya Telemovie

Light Up 7 nabs coveted Raya TV slot with telemovie Aya

May 14, 2021

A story of two lovers, bound together by a dark past, and rocked by familial trauma that Malaysians are no stranger to. Brought together by fate, destiny and all that comes in between, can the families overcome their situation?

Aya showcases themes and tropes that many Malaysians clamour for in their dramas. Viewers clutching at the edge of their seats, waiting for the next twist or revelation to be revealed to them after a long day of celebration. But it’s not just the familiar and fantastical nature of the movie that makes it so special. It also signifies a first-time win for Light Up 7. Namely, it was the first time an agency had pitched the film to RTM. The production cinched the coveted Raya primetime slot, typically reserved for industry mainstays and bigger, established productions.

Aya Telemovie

Directed by Kecik, who offered his unique vision to the production, and together with up and coming local talents (Names and Names), Aya was brought to life with the support of the cast and crew by Light Up 7, vastly surpassing expectations of all those involved.

With a tale woven from our very own content team, Aya proves that Light Up 7’s video production capabilities has had its mettle tested.