OIB Group

Video Production, VFX & CGI

Taking real estate production to new heights

One of the leading property developers in Malaysia, OIB Group has been responsible for establishing more than 23,000 development units since its inception in 1986.

As they expand their operations to different parts of the country, OIB approached us to create promotional videos for their upcoming projects. Our first project for them entailed visiting four of their latest projects whose pictures and images were taken through drone technology. After we had the raw visuals, the first task was to clean them up so that under-construction properties appear clearly delineated. Then CGI and VFX technology was utilized to edit videos and make them look futuristic through 3D effects.

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These attractive visualizations were then displayed in roadshows across Malaysia to inform people of what they can expect from them.

The success of the first project got us another one which involved similar treatment being given to two more under-construction projects. Once again, we combined accurate editing with graphic-infused visualizations to bring out the future beauty of these buildings.


VFX & CGI & Project Management

Creative Direction/Challenge

Production shoot for their new development.

Production shoot for their new development

We edited using VFX & CGI to showcase the new development built up in detail