KWAP Inspire: Environmental Conference 2018

Creating an innovative digital campaign to promote KWAP’s Environmental Conference

KWAP, Malaysia’s largest public services pension fund that contains RM140.8 billion, decided, in early 2018, to embark upon a project meant to promote environmentally-conscious investing by corporate entities in Malaysia and around the world.

To make this initiative of KWAP a success, Light Up 7 was tasked with the responsibility of orchestrating a digital campaign that would be creative and innovative. Its aim was to attract delegates from around the world to this conference.

Light Up 7 began developing a creative concept for the promotion of the event that consisted of both branding and a unique theme. “Igniting action for a better tomorrow” was chosen as the theme and it opened up a large variety of options for creating a brand around it.

The ‘hourglass’ theme was chosen for the event as it perfectly fitted into the message that KWAP sought to convey by organizing this summit, that time is running out fast for us to act in order to save our planet. If we sit idly, our dear earth’s environment will continue to degenerate irreversibly.

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Building a state-of-the-art website and mobile app

Our task wasn’t limited to developing the branding and the promotional concept for the event. Developing the website and an app was also part of our responsibility.

We accomplished our duty by developing a website that was user-friendly and also perfectly suited to the mobile interface . It contained all the relevant information regarding the event and also had a special feature that allowed easy registration through QR codes for the attendees. A separate mobile app, conducive to both Android and iOS, was also created.

This app was different from the other ones built for the event. It allowed delegates to access each other in a networking format by adding their contact information to their phones with the click of a button.

Another app developed for the event was dedicated to attendance. Apart from other things, it also allowed attendance-marking on the days of the event itself through the scanning of the unique QR codes for each participant.

Launching a marketing campaign worthy of results

Light UP 7, with all its expertise, also had to run campaigns on various platforms, traditional and digital, to promote the event. Be it Instagram, Google Ads or traditional newspapers ads, promotional material was made to appear in all of them. Six impactful and persuasive videos were also produced to create greater awareness about the theme of the conference.

Awareness and Action for a Noble Cause

The success of the campaign allowed hundreds of high level delegates from some of the biggest corporations in Malaysia to attend the event to discuss a very important topic on how their industries can help protect the environment from further degradation. Our goal was to engage delegates through awareness campaigns using both video and image creatives.

Marketing for Success

With the increased interest in the environment, such as the Paris Agreement, we were able to harness the power of social media and digital marketing to deliver strategically targeted ads. We used location, audience, and behavioral-based targeting to create broad awareness among a consumer group with high levels of intent.

The promotional material on Instagram brought the issue of environmental degradation to people’s attention and therefore, indirectly, promoted the event also. A huge following of 5000 people was generated in a period of just 2 months and boosted the ticket sales for the event. As far as the presence on Google was concerned, the approach was centered on direct sales. The website, on the other hand, was search engine-optimized so that, organically, more clicks would be generated.

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