Visually bringing Malaysians together through comfort food

Cheekily, or rather cleverly named “Ahh-Yum”, as in Ayam or “Ahh.. yum!”, the chicken-themed restaurant needed an equally strong branding to match the flavourful comfort food they serve. We crafted a powerful branding narrative through the production of a feel-good promotional video for this local eatery to penetrate the food and beverage local scene.

We believe that the first step to raising brand awareness is to put out highly marketable content. Hence the video showcased diversity from start to finish; from the careful and colourful preparation of spices and vegetables in the kitchen to the inclusive dining table, savoured by both families and strangers bound by a single love for delicious Malaysian food.

Cutting back on the nasties, more ‘healthies’

When you think of traditional food, you almost always think of the 1001 ways it could be unhealthy. From unnecessary MSG to oils with high saturated fat. Ahh-Yum believes that traditional food shouldn’t have to be that way. Being Ahh-Yum’s most important theme, “No MSG, No Added Preservatives and No Added Artificial Colouring” is the messaging that is spelled consistently across all design collaterals and copies. In this saturated market, unique schools of thought often grab most of the attention accolades.
Highly engaging and relevant content were developed to increase its reach of customers. Especially for national festivals and store openings, we churn out contests and interactive posts to gain more traction amongst the targeted users, turning audiences into paying customers.

The first thing a user does to find out about anything at all, is Google. Google is the new encyclopedia, dictionary and Yellow Pages all in one! We crafted a gold standard website to host all the information one needs to know about Ahh-Yum- from brand story to menu and operating hours. To ensure that the Ahh-Yum website ranks high if not highest on the results page, we utilized Search Engine Optimization and its keywords to target audiences searching for those related keywords. Stumbling upon Ahh-Yum next is not by coincidence but by deliberate measures taken to direct a wandering user to what he or she is searching for.

To ensure a constant flow of returning customers, Ahh-Yum needs to engage in remarketing to remain in the minds of those that have interacted with them before. With the customers’ captured data, emails are sent out monthly bearing announcements, promotions and offers, calling them to the nearest branch in case they missed out on the social media blurbs. This email direct marketing exercise has had a good steady rate of clicks that indicate a good platform for Ahh-Yum to leverage its marketing on.