Creating a digital footprint for a rising local eatery through Malaysian-ness

Cheekily, or rather cleverly named “Ahh-Yum” as in Ayam, the Malay word for chicken, or “Ahh.. yum!” the expression of gastronomic pleasure, whichever you choose, Ahh-Yum approves. The eatery was
established out of pure want for good, delicious local food.

Supported by Kampong Kravers, KL’s curry puff OG, Ahh-Yum needed an equally strong branding to match the flavourful comfort food they serve. With their team of passionate entrepreneurs, we crafted a creative digital marketing strategy and management for all of their digital platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Waze, website and even a monthly newsletter system.

With SEO, strategic ads and curation of animation videos, Ahh-Yum has made millions of quantifiable Impressions across boards, converting one viewer at a time.