An aggressive digital campaign on a 4 weeks’ notice that surpassed expectations

Petronas partnered with renowned event organizer iCEP – International Conference and Exhibition Professionals to organize Asia’s most premier Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC) 2019. With a tight timeline of just one month prior to the event in late June, Light Up 7 was approached to amplify ticket sales for the AOGC 2019. A rebranding of the existing design collaterals was immediately carried out and blasted on their social media platforms. Since speakers were the main attraction for the event, we pushed those forward first, digitally speaking, followed by key topics that will be delved into in the event.

Convincing results

Through trailblazing strategies we executed on digital ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, we managed to achieve and surpass the target even when tickets were priced as high as RM8,000. This resulted in a lofty return on profit for Petronas, surpassing their initial sales target.

Fueling the new energy future through targeted ads

Anyone can claim to be able to reach a large amount of audience, but getting the precise customer persona that fits the bill set by the client requires a thorough study coupled with cutting-edge techniques to apply in setting up the ads. Our ability to capture the right kind of audience for the right campaigns sets us apart.

Our strategy showcases the featured industry leaders and highlights of the conference in a way that captures the attention of the fraternity members giving the event the premium limelight it warrants.

Through our daily reports and analytics, we were able to offer advice on the performance of the ads and determine which ones to leverage on more in order to reach the desired campaign’s goals. This accelerated the decision-making process and increased the trust between us and the client in taking the lead for the campaign.