Bringing life and colour to financial empowerment through an intriguing short film at national level

To encourage Malaysians to be more financially literate, Bank Negara Malaysia approached us with an idea to produce a humanising short film. Featuring various ethnic groups and financial backgrounds, the film was intended to evoke a sense of relatability and tender understanding amongst Malaysians regarding the importance of financial education. It turned out to be a show-stopper that tugged hearts, driving the point home where it belonged- an excellent choice to open the launch of the National Strategy publication.

Transforming technical concepts into 3D and vivid animation

The launch of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy transpired colourfully unto the screen through the animated video we crafted to showcase the publication’s key highlights. Designed by a team of 3D specialists, the document came to life while a 3D model of the book appeared from the launch gambit.

Fueling the new energy future through targeted ads

Anyone can claim to be able to reach a large amount of audience, but getting the precise customer persona that fits the bill set by the client requires a thorough study coupled with cutting-edge techniques to apply in setting up the ads. Our ability to capture the right kind of audience for the right campaigns sets us apart.

A custom-made gambit was built to push the document out while the launch video plays as the Prime Minister places the Financial Education Network icon block in its place. A simple yet sleek idea well-received by all the parties in attendance.

A star-studded event by Malaysia’s best

The event returned an extremely favourable outcome and generated an overall positive response with a high turnout from all invited guests and organizing partners.

By invitation-only, the launch event was inaugurated by none other than Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and graced by Malaysia’s best; Directors, CEOs and other managing personnel of financial institutions and organisations from all over the country. For the level of prestige the event caters to, we developed an app for an efficient registration system and a microsite that seamlessly integrated with the app, coupled with a live chat feature