The first Muslim Converts docu-film of its kind in the world

50 converts from around the world tell their stories for the first time on camera. Raw, emotive and vivid, the stories are sure to move you to tears, even if one does not relate to being a Muslim or a Muslim convert. We shot and edited this 1.5hour-long hybrid of a documentary and film which would later be premiered across the world.

Featuring breathtaking sights and mosques of Malaysia

Not only did the film showcases the converts, but also beautiful mosques and sights of Malaysia, shots that were never-before seen. Thanks to these shots, the film was also treated as material that promoted Malaysia as a tourist destination to those previewing it abroad.

A powerful cure to islamophobia

The main message of the film was to be an antidote to the fast-spreading islamophobia that is still rife in the West. Many non-Muslims who watched the film were moved by it, which could only mean the film has achieved what it set out to achieve. Slowly, but surely.