Bringing Malaysia unto the big screen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As the exclusive hosts for the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2021, Petronas was to create anticipation and buzz for Kuala Lumpur to be screened at IPTC 2020 in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To position Malaysia as a world-class business hub and the ideal tourist destination, we explored all of Malaysia through the eyes of two distinct individuals: the tourist and the businesswoman. For that we toured the country for the best original footages.

The trailer most definitely teased the attendees of the IPTC2020 through the breathtaking sights and landscapes of Kuala Lumpur’s heritage and culture entangled with its thriving technology and infrastructure. Needless to say it was easily one of the most memorable videos to date.

To live up to the standards and expectations of Petronas, Light Up 7 went on a week-long travel around Malaysia to capture the beauty of the country and to shoot at the various Petronas plants and locations crucial to the business. With our production experts working closely with Petronas, we worked out the best storyline to put Petronas on the world stage.

The end video was a huge success that generated the hype and excitement Petronas was looking for.