Malaysia’s first and only mega carnival for retirees, their families and all of the public

A fun-filled weekend packed with non-stop activities, interactive workshops and live performances specially organised for retirees and their families. From giant bouncy castles and colouring contests for the little ones, to the running marathons and the inspirational talks for the adults, to the live performances by everyone’s favourite local artistes, Karnival Rasa Sayang is the annual affair everyone awaits!

Prepping Malaysia for retirement

With a task to balance the carnival’s educational aspect while maintaining its merriness at the same time, a bubbly and vibrant concept was developed to suit the nature of the event that is open to all ages and layers of the public. Karnival Rasa Sayang is the government’s initiative to spread the awareness of the pension fund body and to increase its MyPesara App (an app for retirees) downloads.

Leveraging on both traditional and digital marketing, targeted locations around and within Kuala Lumpur were dotted strategically with the bubbly street bunting. We implemented every special tactic there is to attract the right demographic for the carnival. And sure enough, the event turn out was more than satisfactory.

Recognizing pensioners in their post-retirement days – The first of its kind

Following the retiree-centered event, KWAP decided to use the platform to award pensioners. As such, Malaysia’s most exclusive award was created to recognise its pensioner citizens, the Anugerah Ikon Pesara. The award sought to acknowledge pensioner’s contributions in the fields of Education, Social and Community Development as well as Entrepreneurship respectively.

With these goals in mind, Light Up 7 developed the entire branding for the award which includes the ideation of the logo which was then used to imprint on other collaterals of Anugerah Ikon Pesara. It will be the award for many years to come.

Separate designer-made microsites for Karnival Rasa Sayang, Anugerah Ikon Pesara and Larian Rasa Sayang were created, each with high quality, advanced features to cater for their respective purposes.

To push for product uptake, promotional videos were produced for Karnival Rasa Sayang and the MyPesara App designed to assist pensioners in their everyday tasks. From receiving pension payout notifications to keeping up-to-date with pensioner activities initiatives, the MyPesara App aims to make life easier after retirement. Some of Malaysia’s most recognisable voices were used in the videos.

An initiative to keep fit even when grey hairs kick in

In an attempt to encourage the aging pensioners and their families to keep a healthy lifestyle, KWAP has organized a fun run for the public. We designed the concept, running kits and medals suited to a family-level marathon affair.

Growing old in Malaysia: An infographic series with everything a pensioner needs to know

We produced a vibrant infographic series based on a study by MyAgeing of Universiti Putra Malaysia on the topic of Productive Ageing. Light Up 7 set on to work on a four-part vibrant 2D video series in just under two weeks. The video was narrated and produced fully in Bahasa Melayu with attractive custom-made characters and visuals to aid the narration.

The study came alive with facts and graphics that were digestible and easy-to-follow for the specific age group to whom it was targeted- pensioners and pensioners-to-be. The videos premiered at Karnival Rasa Sayang and were well-received by the public.