Bringing to life the joy of ageing to Malaysian pensioners

Light Up 7 was approached by the country’s trusted pension fund from day one to launch a full-scale marketing campaign to boost awareness of the Karnival Rasa Sayang 2019, call for nominees of the Anugerah Ikon Pesara (AIP) pensioners’ award and boost MyPesara App downloads on all online channels.

Propelling forward the carnival, the pensioners’ award and the pensioners’ app meant that we first had to dive into creating the branding mostly from scratch. From there we developed three separate collaterals for a multi-channel reach, each. The results could not have been any more astonishing. We sold out the Fun Run at the carnival, saw a full-house of carnival-goers and the app received 22,000+ downloads in just two months.

Malaysia’s first and only mega carnival for retirees, their families and all of the public

Karnival Rasa Sayang (KRS) is an annual fun-filled weekend packed with non-stop activities, interactive workshops and live performances with retirees at the core. There was something for everyone.

KRS was first launched the year before in 2018 in Ipoh, however with little to no marketing strategy, it only garnered a meagre 1,000 people. Our team was engaged in al the aspects of the carnival from Creative & Design Development, Production Of Materials such as Static Visuals, Videos and a Microsite to their Digital Campaign execution. More than digital, we also handled print production and Out-Of-Home advertising, dotting street banners around strategic town areas.

Months of hard work paid off when we raked in a full-house turnout of 5,000+, 3,000+ registrations for the Fun Run and incredible feedback from the retirees and their families.

The inaugural pensioner award, Anugerah Ikon Pesara

The Anugerah Ikon Pesara is the first of its kind to acknowledge and appreciate public sector pensioners who have made positive impacts in their own lives and the lives of others in the fields of Education, Social and Community Development, and Entrepreneurship.

In recognising outstanding individuals that have taken up meaningful roles in the community post-retirement, the Anugerah Ikon Pesara inspires others to break the cliché of retirement and be an advocate for productive ageing.

We took to developing the full branding of the award, starting off with logo creation, trophy design, microsite and other collaterals of Anugerah Ikon Pesara which will be used for many years to come. A lot of thought has been put into the design to ensure it will withstand the test of time.

To call for nominations of the award, we created GDN and Youtube ads in order to reach our target pensioners. With a number of impressive nominations from all over the country, one was chosen to be the winner of AIP 2019. We had the honour of producing a mini documentary on her life’s achievements which would be screened later at the award ceremony.

MyPesara- for all your retirement needs under one app

An interactive app specially made for retirees to assist in their day-to-day tasks. It even sends you reminders to drink water and to check on your health levels!
To push for more downloads, promotional videos in 2D and live cinematography were produced for the MyPesara app, promoting all its attractive features.

We even secured one of Malaysia’s most recognisable voices for the video. From receiving pension payout notifications to keeping up-to-date with pensioner activities and senior citizen discounts, the MyPesara app is designed to make life easier after retirement.