Combatting pigmentation and aging with Australia’s finest

The sleek product bottles were not enough. The hefty price tags did not help. There was only one way to address two of Malaysian women’s biggest skin-nemies, dark spots and wrinkles, and that is through visuals. Clear comparison images as well as beautiful baby-bottom skin easily won the audience over, without putting up a fight.

Mini 15-second videos perfect for the feed

No one has time for documentaries! We created short clips for each product this skincare brand has to offer and attached a powerful message to each one. For the Beetox, it’s Queen Bee. For the Eyetuck, it’s Photoshop and Botox. You get the idea.

Witty copies and Giveaways for that extra hype

We learned that puns and the skill of wit keeps the conversation from drying. For Mothers’ Day, a giveaway was held at the Skin Doctors’ Facebook page, encouraging readers to write their favourite things about their mommies. Some Adspent and 50 tearful stories later, 10 lucky winners were proud owners of the Beetox. The page was happily flooded with a satisfying surge of new followers.