Gold-standard video and website for premium shrimp exporter

Northcube, Malaysian shrimp-exporting extraordinaire operates over 500 acres of coastal estate in Tawau, Sabah needed a fresh new look for their website. A clean and crisp site that hosts all the information one needs to know about how Northcube operates, their philosophy and the products
they offer. And we delivered just that.

Their newly-launched eatery, Saba-Hae Seafood Premium Outlet sells high quality ready-to-eat seafood meals and blast-frozen goods from their Sabahan freshwater farms. We shot and produced a snazzy video that showcased their products; both frozen and ready-made meals in mouth-watering fashion.

Next, we crafted a website for SabaHae and this time added an e-commerce integration so their customers can purchase their products with ease. On top of that, we threw in some photography displaying their unique gastronomic dishwork for the client to use however they pleased.

Short, creative social media videos were also produced to further encourage engagement with their audience, raking in a high number in returns.