Repairing and soothing skin with Rosken Malaysia

Apr 25, 2022

From Australia’s skin repair expert, to the heart of Kuala Lumpur: how a skincare brand from down under found success in the Malaysian market.

Dry skin, it’s a concern that’s shared by a lot of people all over the world. From mild symptoms, discomfort to more serious conditions like psoriasis or eczema, everyone’s had a run in with dry skin at some point in their lives, or know someone who deals with it on a daily basis.

Which is where Rosken comes in, especially with more dry skin concerns cropping up thanks to the constant hand washing endorsed by leading health organisations in order to combat COVID-19. Rosken has over 50 years of dry skin expertise, formulating products that are effective in restoring skin’s moisture and locking it in, for a smooth and soothed appearance.

But how does a brand that targets a specific skincare concern stand out in a crowd of K-beauty, designer and multi-purpose heavyweights?

Easy: With relatable and captivating content that strikes at the heart of every dry skin concern, and to speak directly to the customers.

To kick off Rosken’s effort to stand out from the crowd, Light Up 7 was tasked with creating a TVC that helps explain Rosken’s position as well as the benefits of the products. The video garnered over hundreds of views, and showcased internationally in other countries where Rosken is sold. 

This TVC was eventually expanded to become campaign collaterals, essentially becoming the face of Rosken’s new effort to stand out in the skincare industry.

But we didn’t stop at just a simple TVC. As social media is a powerful marketing tool, we created festive-specific campaigns and engagements to get customers interested in the brand and product, and here Light Up 7 was tasked with managing the campaign and contest, including sourcing relevant influencers and KOLs to help garner further excitement.

Don’t take our word for it, throughout the campaign duration, Rosken gained 2.5 million reach and 7.5 million impressions, as well as heartfelt testimonials from happy customers whose dry skin woes were ended by Rosken’s soothing formulas. This was done through Light Up 7’s Digital Marketing team which employed social listening tools to give us an ear on the ground in regards to what customers are saying and what Rosken can do to help address their pain points.

Overall, Rosken’s #RepairAndSoothe campaign was an overall success, garnering not only an uptick of followers, but also a legion of happy customers (or so the testimonials tell us), far exceeding expectations set forth.

Got a campaign and looking for similar successes? Look no further than Light Up 7 and our team of experienced digital marketing and creative professionals. Got a brief? Drop us a line!