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Branding, Website, Video Production


Sifu Production, a locally renowned theatre production company, have recently premiered the famed Broadway Musical; You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, featuring our beloved childhood characters; Snoopy, Lucy, Sally Brown, and Charlie Brown. Before its debut in Malaysia, on the 29th of September 2017, we were assigned to merchandising, as well as the production of its trailer, which were greatly appreciated. The show was later nominated for numerous 15th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, and is a winner of the Best of 2017 Award.

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Digital Marketing

Video Production (Pre-visualisation & Production)

Website development and content management

Creative Direction/Challenge

The challenge we encountered was the way we had to synergise the interaction between characters seamlessly. Also because we did not get full license to use the Charlie Brown’s characters, the branding aspects were a little tricky as we had to manage collaterals that still showed Charlie Brown.

Execution/Technical Aspect

We used a pre-visualisation technique to allow the actors to mimic the motion which allowed a more seamless move between shots and edits. As for the branding designs, we manage to use certain parts of the characters that were still recognisable by the audiences.