Video & Photography

Photography, motion graphic animation and cinematography are content that give your brand a voice through powerful storytelling. Without a voice, your brand may sink in the quicksand of a world that regards content as king. 

Video Production

Effective video and photography results from effective planning & production. We partner up with you to illustrate your vision for a content, think of creative marketing tactics, and execute it.

2D/3D Animation

We create vibrant content that illustrates a simplified adaptation of your message.

Aerial / Drone Videography

Showcasing a new location, or giving your audience a birds eye view on your latest product launch, this modern videography technique is not only stunning, but also versatile that allows your potential customers go, “WOW”.


Update your corporate photography, create stunning editorials for a new campaign or even showcasing your latest and greatest with sleek product photography, Light Up 7 offers photography services that’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Voice Over

Voice-over services are a great way to make your multimedia suit a new audience in a cost-effective way that can be delivered to suit strict deadlines and tight turnarounds. We combine high tech equipment with experienced voice actors to give you a complete package.


Video post production is a crucial step for making sure your footage looks perfect. Those all-important final processes have a profound impact. Without them, there would be no final cut. These tasks may not be as glamorous as the shoot itself, but they can make or break your video.


Take your campaign to the next dimension and to the next technological level. From immersive 3D environments or fun filter games to play on social media, augment your brand’s presence with VR and AR services.

Green Screen

Let our team of videographers get the lights, camera and green screen ready to set the stage for your next project for VFX and other effects to take place.