Light Up 7 listed as finalists for 8 Agency of the Year and Markies 2022 categories

Jul 19, 2022


Time to make a bit more room on our shelves, because Light Up 7 nabbed 8 finalist positions for the prestigious Agency of the Year and Markies 2022 Awards! 🙌 This includes three of our proudest projects: UNICEF’s #VaksinNation campaign (Most Creative – COVID-19 Response), Bank Negara’s Financial Literacy Month 2021 (Most Creative – Events (Physical/Virtual)) and Bursa Malaysia’s Bursa Marketplace Fair 2021 (Most Effective Use – Events (Physical/Virtual)). 

We’ve placed for the following positions:

  • Event Marketing Agency of the Year
  • Experiential Marketing Agency of the Year
  • Full Service Agency of the Year
  • Video / Production Company of the Year
  • Agency Team of the Year
  • Most Creative: COVID-19 Response
    (UNICEF #VaksinNation)
  • Most Creative: Events (Physical/Virtual)
    (Bank Negara Malaysia Financial Literacy Month 2021)
  • Most Effective Use: Events (Physical/Virtual)
    (Bursa Malaysia Bursa Marketplace Fair 2021)
UNICEF #VaksinNation
Bank Negara Malaysia Financial Literacy Month 2021

This is a strong testament to Light Up 7’s caliber of strength: not just creative ideas, but also a hardworking, knowledgeable and dedicated team who know how to turn a simple idea into an effective one that reaches the right audience and gets our clients the results they want.

We’re proud (and incredibly humbled) to be placed among some of the biggest names in the industry and we’ll continue to work even harder to reach even more goals. This is also the strongest testimonial you’ll get to Light Up 7 and the people within: we know our stuff, enough to win over a panel of judges (with real results – they’ve had to vet through it after all). When you work with Light Up 7, no matter the scope or idea, we’ll always pull through, so your future project is in some of the best hands the industry can offer.

Onwards to bigger, brighter projects, we hope you’ll join us and be a part of that journey.